Pearl River Resort launches new ad campaigns

On February 1, 2012, Pearl River Resort’s advertising team launched an exciting new advertising campaign. One of the most noted features of the campaign is the new slogan; We are Pearl River Resort—Vegas with Sweet Tea! The clever concept conveys to guests that they don’t have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy gaming at its finest, instead they can come right here to Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, MS and experience all the gaming that a big city like Vegas offers PLUS get something here that the big cities just can’t offer and that is Southern Hospitality!
The tagline used consistently throughout the Resort commercials is: Experience the thrill of big city gaming with a true Southern charm. Pearl River Resort…it’s Vegas with Sweet Tea!

Click the following links to view our new commercials:

Phillip M’s Restaurant in Pearl River Resort

Luna Lounge is Out of this World

Hot Casino Action at Pearl River Resort

Shop Dine & Relax at Pearl River Resort

A New Day at Pearl River Resort

We Are Pearl River Resort (narrated version)

We Are Pearl River Resort