Three-Card Poker


1) Bet ANTE to play against dealer; or

2) Bet PAIRPLUS to pay hand value; or

3) Bet both.

Stakes may differ on PAIRPLUS and ANTE.


Player and dealer are each dealt a three-card poker hand.

Against Dealer


A) Bet play exactly equal to ANTE; or

B) Discard and surrender ANTE.


Plays with Queen high or better hand.

Against Dealer Payouts

A) If dealer does not play open, ANTE winds even money;

B) If dealer opens play and player's hand beats dealer, PLAY and ANTE both win even money.

ANTE BONUS Win Extra Payouts

The following hands are always paid extra BONUS on ANTE as BONUS does not play against dealer.

3 in sequence unsuited       Straight                     1-to-1

3 of same kind                  Three of a kind          4-to-1

3 in sequence suited          Straight flush              5-to-1

PAIRPLUS Win Payouts

The following hands are always paid on PAIRPLUS as PAIRPLUS does not play against dealer.

2 of same kind                  Pair                           1-to-1

3 suited                            Flush                         4-to-1

3 in sequence unsuited     Straight                      6-to-1

3 of same kind                Three of a kind          30-to-1

3 in sequence suited        Straight flush              40-to-1

Winning PAIRPLUS hand must always bet PLAY if also playing against the dealer. Ace is high except in a 3-2-Ace sequence.